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We are Certes Technologies

We invent, design, create, manufacture and distribute professional quality, state of the art Voice Reinforcement and Soundfield Generation Systems for schools, universities, corporate environments and homes the world over.

Pentaclass Video

A short video describing the Certes Technologies PentaClass Pro Audio Voice Reinforcement System and why it is so essential for classrooms.

The PentaClass System is the only voice reinforcement system with 360° omnidirectional sound that provides the Engagement Factor.

The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.

— Lilly Walters —

Our Products

Our products are produced based on years of experience and research in acoustics, human hearing, the connection between hearing, comprehension and learning.

What our Clients say

  • Any lecture room requires such voice and audio system since voice – video presentation become an increasingly prevalent part of modern studies requiring a quality audio playback.

    — Linda Kimeisa —
  • I am a lecturer and speak all over the world. After trying the Certes PentaClass mic and speaker I was hooked. Now I bring my own to every lecture or speaking engagement I do and insist on using it.

    — Jon Shore —
  • I believe that PentaClass classroom audio solution shall simply the work of many lecturers. Since lecturers such as myself often suffer from overworked voice, thus affecting not only the health of the educator, but also the quality of education delivered.

    — Julija Kalnina —

Use Cases

How can you use the PentaClass Voice Reinforcement and Omni-directional Soundfield Generator System? Here are just some examples.


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