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How Voice Reinforcement and Omni-directional Audio Improve Learning and Understanding

When you go to a concert, a movie or most professional conferences the sponsors always provide a sound system capable of projecting the sound throughout the space so that you can hear clearly. Why do we not do that for students in a classroom? Most classrooms are rectangular in shape, have tile floors, flat walls…

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The New Certes Technologies Throwable Audience CatchBox Microphone

Imagine a voice and sound reinforcement system so interactive and fun that it inspires your audience to interact with you – to ask questions – to share their views and experiences. A voice and sound reinforcement system that inspires! Well, that system now exists and is available from Certes Technologies – The innovative Latvian company…

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The New HD Wireless Microphone – Certes Runa

The new Certes Microphone Runa is launched and will begin shipping world wide at the end of the September. It is truly a work of art. Runa in Latvian means “speech”. The small body of the new Runa omnidirectional HD microphone will be available in genuine oak or black walnut. The cap is made of…

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