The New Certes Technologies Throwable Audience CatchBox Microphone

Imagine a voice and sound reinforcement system so interactive and fun that it inspires your audience to interact with you – to ask questions – to share their views and experiences.

A voice and sound reinforcement system that inspires!

Well, that system now exists and is available from Certes Technologies – The innovative Latvian company that brought you the PentaClass voice and sound reinforcement speaker System and Runa Wireless Microphone. Certes Technologies introduces the PentaClass CatchBox. The CatchBox is a lightweight foam cube with an embedded microphone that pairs wirelessly to the PentaClass voice and sound reinforcement speaker System. And the CatchBox is safely throwable. That’s right, a microphone that can easily and safely be thrown around the room like a foam ball. You can create audience participation games with the CatchBox. The CatchBox can be customized with your own logos and colors. The CatchBox is safe for use by children or rowdy adults alike.

Both the Runa and CatchBox microphones can be connected to the PentaClass speaker at the same time. The CatchBox will pair quickly and easily with the PentaClass Speaker System just like the Runa microphone. There is no additional receiver required, no wires, no special supplementary equipment and no degree in engineering necessary.

There are hundreds of uses for the Certes CatchBox. Use your imagination and create your own. Make your lectures, classes, workshops, press conferences and other events boredom-proof.

Posted on April 25, 2016 in News, Voice Reinforcement

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