The New HD Wireless Microphone – Certes Runa

The new Certes Microphone Runa is launched and will begin shipping world wide at the end of the September. It is truly a work of art. Runa in Latvian means “speech”.

The small body of the new Runa omnidirectional HD microphone will be available in genuine oak or black walnut. The cap is made of aluminum which is anodized, brushed and sandblasted. The screen on the inside of the cap, protecting the microphone element itself, and clip is electro gold plated which adds a beautiful design element to the microphone. Also included in the new microphone is an 2,5 mm audio input jack for an over-the-ear headset so that the microphone can be used as a small wireless transceiver that slips easily into your pocket. With the Certes Runa wireless microphone no bulky and uncomfortable belt transceiver is required. Of course the sound quality is superb and pairing the Runa Wireless Microphone and the PentaClass Speaker is as easy as pressing one button.

We are truly proud of this synthesis of design, art and technology that is the new Certes Runa HD Wireless Microphone. A unique, functional and beautiful new creation from Certes Technologies.

Certes Runa has the following features in addition to existing previous generation microphone Black Mic:

  • Handmade from wood – finest craftsmanship;
  • Two models – Oak (light version) and Walnut (dark version);
  • Cap is made from anodised aluminium (silver or black colour) with the gold electroplated mesh;
  • 2.5mm audio input to connect external headset microphone (sold as optional accessory);
  • Improved microphone sound and range;
  • Improved volume control while using in microphone mode – adjusting microphone gain without changing amplifier master volume;

The PentaClass Black Mic will phased out and will no longer be available after the end of August. The new Certes PentaClass Runa system will replace first generation Certes PentaClass ABM.
*Design and specifications are subject change without prior notice

Read more about new Certes PentaClass Runa here

Posted on September 7, 2015 in News

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